Šikland is a complex of three entertainment areas with the widest offer of services and amusement in the Czech republic.

The biggest of the three areas is Šiklův mlýn (Šikl’s Mill) near the village Zvole nad Perstejnem, which is known as the Western City. Another one is Draxmoor Haunted Castle and the third one is Crocodile Fotopark in Dolni Rozinka.

About Šikland

Šiklův mlýn

Šiklův mlýn (Šikl’s Mill) is the biggest outdoor entertainment resort in Czech republic.

It offers both relaxation and active entertainment for the whole family in the middle of beautiful countryside nature of Vysocina region.

Sikl's Mill

In this area you can find the western town with a full day programme in Wild West style, aquapark, zoopark, off-road and military zone, sports ground, indian village and many other attractions for both kids and adults.

The resort will be reopened for the summer season from the 2nd of July to the 4th of September 2016. The area is opened non-stop, with the programme ongoing from Tuesday to Sunday in the season


The historical building of granary from 17th century has been turned into a haunted castle.


Start your visit in the 3D theatre and then continue through all three extensive exhibitions on every floor. Afterwards refresh yourself in the courtyard. Your kids can enjoy themselves in the bouncy castle.

Crocodile Fotopark

Photopark Crocodile is currently undergoing extensive renovations. We look forward to welcoming you again in a newly refurbished Photopark in 2017.

The Crocodile Fotopark is an unique amusement park, which leads you to fairytales, back to history and to the best known places of the World.

Crocodile Park

The special combination of 2D screen and 3D elements creates a perfect illusion of the particular place so that you have the opportunity to take attractive pictures. Or take a picture of two three-years old caimans.

Moto and military

The fans of military style enjoy themselves while driving the armoured fighting vehicle (APC), the ATV four-wheeler or their own vehicles.

Moto and military

Championship races or bikers reunions take place in Šiklův mlýn regularly, and you can even arrange your own event in here. Additional services include discgolf.

The moto and military zone is in operation through the summer season or according to the order.

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